The National Association of Webmasters

Press Release

June 1, 1997

For immediate release


Bill Cullifer
Executive Director
National Association of Webmasters
[email protected]
(916) 929-6557
Uday O. Pabrai
Net Guru Technologies, Inc.
(630) 574-4878

National Association of Webmasters and Net Guru form partnership

Sacramento, CA¾ June 1, 1997: The National Association of Webmasters announced today that it has signed an agreement with Net Guru Technologies, Inc. to offer NGT certification in conjunction with NAW membership. NAW will promote NGT’s comprehensive certification programs, and offer member discounts on the training, and NGT will take over NAW’s Certified Professional Webmaster (CPW) program.

The NGT certification programs which NAW will recommend to its membership include Certified Internet Webmaster Specialist and Engineer, Internet Security Engineer, TCP/IP Network Engineer and Application Developer programs. NGT courses include Internet and Intranet Infrastructure, Internet Security and Firewall Systems, TCP/IP Internetworking, SNMP Network Management, Advanced TCP/IP Concepts and Practices, Windows NT System and Network Administration, Windows NT and TCP/IP Internetworking, and UNIX Systems and Network Administration.

"This alliance with the market leader in webmaster certification strengthens the CPW credential and augments the range of services that NAW offers in a particularly important way," said William B. Cullifer, Executive Director of the National Association of Webmasters. "Until now, even as the role of the webmaster is becoming critically important, companies have had no formal metric like an MBA or a EE to help them decide who is qualified and who isn’t. Also, from the webmasters’ point of view, until NAW, there were few organized resources to help them learn their jobs and then discuss issues and problems with peers. Now that NAW can rely on NGT to handle webmaster training, we can focus on extending and enriching the array of other services we offer and provide webmasters around the world with a truly invaluable resource."

NAW’s offerings will include on-line seminars on website design, technical skills, network security and other topics, an online resource center with reviews of current legal and security issues facing the electronic commerce industry, an online technical support hotline, a webmaster employment referral service, a monthly newsletter, an annual industry trade show, errors and omissions insurance at competitive rates, the Webmaster Visa card, and the Webmaster Advantage Program with discounts on air travel, rental cars, hotels long-distance telephone rates, Sky-Tel pagers and more.

"Net Guru Technologies is the acknowledged front runner in training Web technical

staff," said Uday O. Pabrai, President of NGT. "Our partnership with The National Association of Webmasters gives us both a way to reach more webmasters and webmaster candidates, and a good foundation for building on-going relationships with that community so we can serve their continuing education needs."

NGT offers the programs and courses listed above as well as Internet consulting services and on-site training. NGT courses are pre-approved for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by The Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP). A Microsoft Solution Provider Internet Specialist, NGT was selected by Microsoft to develop and deliver an on-site class, Internet Infrastructure, at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, WA. Net Guru Technologies is based in Oak Brook, Illinois. Visit their website at or call (800) KNOW NGT or (630) 547-4878.

The National Association of Webmasters was founded in 1996 by professionals with proven track records in education, data-processing, Internet consulting, telecommunications and marketing. The Association is located at 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, Suite 7-177, Folsom, CA, 95630. Contact them online at or by telephone at (916) 929-6557.