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July 23, 1997

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Bill Cullifer
Executive Director
National Association of Webmasters
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Ted Powers
Executive Director Corporate Accounts
Net Guru Technologies, Inc.
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Internet in the Classroom? Call the Student Webmaster!

National Association of Webmasters Creates Subsidiary for Students

Sacramento, CA¾ July 23, 1997: The National Association of Webmasters and its strategic training partner, Net Guru Technologies, Inc., announced today that they have formed The Association of Student Webmasters, a NAW subsidiary for middle-school, high-school and college students with webmaster responsibilities. ASW will operate with student officers and a site designed by and for students, under the guidance of the parent Association. Like its parent, ASW will provide its members with powerful information resources and assistance related to building and maintaining a school or student-group presence on the Internet.


William B. Cullifer, Executive Director of the National Association of Webmasters, noted that the ASW will solicit student memberships world wide in conjunction with its own international goals. "The out-pouring of interest in using the Internet in classrooms all over the world is partly enthusiasm, partly frustration," said Cullifer, citing the June 9, 1997, story in Business Week, "Readin’, Writin’, and the Internet," in which Stephen H. Wildstrom wrote: "There’s little evidence that many schools are integrating the technology into curriculums or providing such basic services as putting an activities calendar and homework assignments on the Net so that parents can check them from home. One obvious reason is that school systems don’t provide teachers and administrators with the new skills they need."


"The students themselves will bring the Internet into the classroom if they’re given the necessary skills," Cullifer said. "They already have the desire, energy and creativity. The ASW will make professional training, customized for a student audience, available to members, support them with technical, legal, and security information, and provide them with a community of like-minded students and advisors so they can exchange ideas, questions and answers in a secure and positive environment." Each year, ASW will offer full and partial scholarships to students interested in pursuing ASW certification. Ted Powers, Executive Director of Corporate Accounts for NGT, added: "Net Guru Technologies has consistently committed to investing in the local high school and college community through internships and special Internet education training programs, and this strategic partnership with the NAW allows NGT to expand our commitment to the secondary education community on a national and global basis."


Membership in ASW is open to all full-time students with web-related duties and interests. "Our plan is to contact the schools themselves," said Cullifer. "We’ll ask the computer coordinators and computer teachers to take the lead in making potential student members aware of the opportunity and give them literature for that purpose. At the same time, we will get their input on goals and objectives for the Student Association. We think schools will promote membership in the ASW as one way to get their own Internet programs on track."


NGT offers programs and courses through its Internet Certification International Institute ( as well as Internet consulting services and on-site training. NGT courses are approved for Professional Development Credits (PDCs) by the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals for their 50,000 holders worldwide." A Microsoft Solution Provider Internet Specialist, NGT was selected by Microsoft to develop and deliver an on-site class, Internet Infrastructure, at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, WA. Net Guru Technologies is based in Oak Brook, Illinois. Visit their website at or call (800) KNOW NGT or (630) 547-4878.


The National Association of Webmasters was founded in 1996 by professionals with proven track records in education, data-processing, Internet consulting, telecommunications and marketing. It offers memberships to corporations, individuals who create, manage and market their own web sites, and public- or private-sector employees who play a leading role in shaping their organizations’ on-line strategy. The Association is located at 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, Suite 7-177, Folsom, CA, 95630. Contact them online at or by telephone at (916) 929-6557.