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Press Release

April 29, 1998

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Bill Cullifer
Executive Director
National Association of Webmasters
[email protected]
(916) 608-1597

Ken Lubeck
Director of Media Coverage
Youth Entertainment Studios
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(757) 579-3818

NAW's WebFair98 Teams with Youth Entertainment Studios and Microsoft at Mecklermedia's Summer Internet World to support inner city Youth

Folsom, CA. April 29, 1998: The National Association of Webmasters and its global affiliate, The World Organization of Webmasters, today announced its plans to hold it's summer series of WebFair98's at Mecklermedia's Summer Internet World '98. Webfair98 Chicago will be held in conjunction with Youth Entertainment Studio's Internet World Camp, scheduled for July 8-18, at Chicago's McCormick Place Convention Center. Both Mecklermedia and Microsoft will endorse and support the two organizations in their combined effort to introduce Web-related opportunities to inner city teens.

"The goals that YES has set for its Internet Camp complement our Webfair98 goals, and our fifth domestic Webfair98 this year will be greatly enhanced by our partnership with YES," said Bill Cullifer, Executive Director of The National Association of Webmasters (NAW; The goal of all NAW's WebFair events is to bring young adults into a hands-on environment where they develop an understanding of what Web professionals do, the opportunities available, training required, the current challenges, and future prospects.

During the ten-day Youth Entertainment Studios World Internet Camp (, students ages 15-18 will receive hands-on training from leading professionals in the areas of web design, graphic design, web animation, page layout, web site management, streaming media, and web marketing. They will be challenged personally in the areas of teamwork, discipline, interpersonal communication skills, and character formation. The camp curriculum will combine group projects, top web professionals as facilitators, motivational and inspirational speakers from the Chicago community, and hands-on, one-on-one instruction. At the conclusion of the camp, the student participants and their webmaster mentors will unveil their professional quality web pages to the industry from the Youth Entertainment Studios (YES) booth on the Internet World '98 convention floor. The students will also participate in a live webcast from the convention site where they will present their creations to the world.

Ken Lubeck, Director of Media Convergence, of Youth Entertainment Studios, pointed out that NAW's exclusive Web agenda will add depth and focus to YES America's larger mission, which is to empower inner-city youths to become leaders of character, vision and action in their communities.

The purpose of the National Association of Webmasters and The World Organization of Webmasters is to support and enhance the role of individuals and organizations that create, manage or market web sites. NAW provides Webmaster certification as well as educational, technical, employment and member advantage services. The Organization is located at 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, Suite 7-177, Folsom, CA, 95630. Contact them online at or by telephone at (916) 608-1597.