A Webmaster is a new career category, and as such, is constantly in the process of being defined. There is a general agreement, however, that a Webmaster does one or more of the following duties: design, develop, market, implement, and maintain one or more sites on the Internet. This is in addition to other responsibilities, such as legal and security issues that may come in to play. Webmaster responsibilities also may include Gopher Servers, Web Servers, List Servers, and Intranets.

The degree of technical skills needed by a Webmaster varies widely. In some cases the position requires the ability to write HTML, develop artwork, implement firewalls, manage Intranets, and write programming scripts. In other cases, the Webmaster works at a general management level. One of the purposes of this association is to define the various types of Webmasters, and create a certification program for them.


Webmasters who maintain content on the Web are becoming mission-critical employees. The WOW-served Webmaster market exceeds 500,000 individuals today, double the number of Webmasters estimated by Collaborative Marketing (http://www.collmktg.com) in their definitive "Webmaster Study" conducted in 1995.

Webmasters' skills typically fall into one or more of the following three categories:

  • Content developers create content and adapt others' content for presentation on the web.
  • Technical developers create web tools and special web functionality.
  • Business managers set up, market, manage, budget, justify, and evaluate web sites.
Most Webmasters are in their first Webmaster position and most are self taught. It follows that the World Organization of Webmasters has much to offer this community, including help with development of standards and credentials. WOW is currently working with academic institutions and companies to develop curriculum and certification in order to further define the roles and responsibilities of Webmasters.

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