Members will have access to a variety of services and benefits both at the national and local levels. Examples currently offered and being planned include the following:

  • A WOW / corporate-endorsed Webmaster certification program.

  • Monthly chapter meetings that include the opportunity for networking between practicing and aspiring Webmasters, sharing of industry trends, seminars, and much more.

  • An on-line Members' Page offering reviews of current legal, security and marketing issues facing the electronic commerce industry.

  • An on-line discussion forum for asking questions, sharing information, and more.

  • Referrals to WOW endorsed classroom and on-line Webmaster educational programs.

  • A mentor program to assist aspiring Webmasters to gain skills and practicing Webmasters to maintain and gain skills.

  • An on-line technical support Help Line offering service and technical assistance via e-mail.

  • A Webmaster Employment Referral Service, marketed by the WOW web site, bringing together Webmasters and companies in need of qualified candidates.

  • A monthly on-line Newsletter providing related up-to-date news, trends, and WOW news.

  • An annual Webmaster industry Trade Show.

  • Errors and Omissions Insurance at competitive rates, protecting members and corporate assets in business on the Internet.

  • A Webmaster Visa Card, allowing members to proudly display their occupational status while taking advantage of the purchasing power of a group credit card.

  • A Webmaster Advantage Program, offering group discounts on airfares, rental cars, hotels, long-distance telephone rates, Sky-Tel pagers, and more.

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