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Web Site Software Strategies: A Blueprint for Dynamic Destinations
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Pub. February '98
Copyright © 1998 Jupiter Communications

 The next-generation Web site will no longer be a collection of static pages, but a dynamic destination-a powerful revenue-producing medium that reduces costs and provides an active, engaging and personalized experience.

Jupiter's book-length research study, Web Site Software Strategies, analyzes what it takes to develop a dynamic destination and evaluates the software market for tools, servers and site management. An essential part of your Web site blueprint, Web Site Software Strategies answers thought-provoking questions:

  • To create a dynamic destination, how can servers be integrated into existing site infrastructures and business systems? 
  • What types of testing and monitoring tools are important for a company to realize round-the-clock operations with zero downtime? 
  • How can tool/server harmony simplify site development? 
Web Site Software Strategies presents keen analysis on today's Web site development market and what it will become by 2002. The in-depth research study contains management practices, market projections, as well as revenue and cost analysis of top Web sites. Also, included are interviews with chief technology officers at the leading consumer sites, as well as diagrams that explain work flow, Web site functionality and classifications for tools and servers. 

An excerpt from Web Site Software Strategies: A Blueprint for Dynamic Destinations
Copyright © 1998 Jupiter Communications


  • Web sites should evolve into dynamic destinations-leveraging technology to meet the demands of personalized content and services and high traffic through centralized management.
  • Software companies targeting pioneering Web sites should develop and maintain market share by developing cooperative circles in which complementary software products require minimal integration effort.
  • The consumer Web-site software market, including content creation, development tools, and servers, is currently worth $258 million and will grow too more than $672 million by 2002.
  • As Web sites become mission critical, demanding uninterrupted performance, companies should rely on testing tools to assure site integrity and to provide constant monitoring of all aspects of operations. 
Software companies that establish a foothold in the consumer Web site software market must devise a vertical market strategy, partnering with integrators or establishing a consulting service division.

A Web site's software budget depends on a number of factors, including site functionality, purchase needs tied to hardware support, extensibility, and interoperability requirements. Complete out-of-box server software costs start at approximately $60,000 and can increase to more than $350,000.

Telco & Cable Internet Strategies Opportunities for the Consumer Marketplace
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Pub. November '97
Copyright © 1998 Jupiter Communications

In light of telecommunications deregulation, the playing field for converging technologies into the home is wide open. The major long distance, local telephone and cable multiple service operators are all formulating consumer Internet business plans to capture their share of the market. The Telco & Cable Internet Strategies report analyzes the strategies and revenue potential of these three major groups, providing a comprehensive view of the competitive landscape versus other Internet service providers including America Online. Also included is analysis of bundled services and whether or not they truly provide a competitive advantage. If you're a senior executive at a long distance or local and regional telephone company, a cable MSO, independent ISP, consumer online service or Web content developer, Telco & Cable Internet Strategies provides strategic analysis and projections that will help you determine which course to take in this increasingly competitive market. 

An excerpt from the Telco & Cable Internet Strategies Opportunities for the Consumer Marketplace
Copyright © 1998 Jupiter Communications


  • Telecommunications operators and cable multiple systems operators (MSOs), poised to capture nearly half of consumer Internet access revenues by 2002, must invest in customer service, content, and value-added services to differentiate themselves in a deregulated communications landscape.
  • Content and commerce sites should begin developing broadband strategies to take advantage of higher throughput services such as cable modems and asynchronous digital subscriber line (ADSL).
  • To increase consumer Internet access revenues, long-distance companies must start devising last-mile strategies, such as local-loop wireless, to circumvent the advantages of regional Bell operating companies (RBOCs) and MSOs.
  • RBOCs should abandon their plans for integrated service digital network (ISDN) in the consumer space.
  • Local carriers must position ADSL squarely for Internet access, avoiding the confusing service plans for ISDN.
  • Jupiter projects that cable modems will dominate the consumer broadband market. To protect and expand their lead, MSOs must adopt a universal standard for cable modems and companion set-tops that will allow PC manufacturers and retailers to help drive adoption rates. 
  • To realize the distribution benefits of carrier-class ISPs, technology vendors should develop end-to-end offerings that integrate with other services telcos and MSOs are bundling. Other vendors should focus on highly customized solutions.
  • Independent ISPs must begin the migration toward content and service-based subscriptions that ride atop their own access and the access of telcos and MSOs. Ultimately, however, independent ISPs should prepare for slower growth in the consumer market.
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Copyright © 1998 Jupiter Communications

 Internet Business Report describes and defines new paradigms for Internet-centric computing, communications and entertainment. From competition for standards in browsers to new concepts like Internet telephony, Internet Business Report looks at the future of consumer interactivity as it relates to the Internet--clients, servers, networks, and applications. 

Excerpt from the March 1998 issue of Internet Business Report
Copyright © 1998 Jupiter Communications

 Building Dynamic Destinations

Web site developers are caught in a buy vs. build dilemma. Current tools and off-the-shelf solutions often lack the sophistication and flexibility required to build today's increasingly complex dynamic destinations. Most top sites have invested countless hours in building custom software to suit their needs. However, many off-the-shelf solutions are becoming robust enough to scale up to the needs of these demanding sites. This month, Internet Business Report profiles two software vendors, Vignette (see Keeping Content Under Control) and Macromedia (see Blurry Outlook: Visual HTML Editing), because they face the problem of convincing site developers that they no longer need to hand-build custom solutions. Both companies have done extensive research into the market, paying close attention to the ways developers actually use existing tools. Vignette's StoryServer helps dynamic destinations efficiently manage and display their content. Macromedia's Dreamweaver is a visual editor for building Dynamic HTML. Today's top Web sites will demand that these tools and solutions live up to their needs; otherwise, they will just continue building their sites from scratch. 

In This Issue:

  1. Management Tools Tame Content 
  2. News Digest 
  3. Keeping Content Under Control 
  4. Blurry Outlook: Visual HTML Editing 
  5. John Perry Barlow, EFF 
  6. One-to-One Marketing on the Web 
  7. Delivering the Dynamic Destination 
  8. Jupiter Watch 
  9. Scoreboard 
  10. Wrong Focus for Internet Cable 
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