Ephraim Cohen

Public Policy Review
The Public Policy review will be providing educational information and resource links designed to assist our visitors in gaining additional insight into the public policy field. WOW's public policy expert, Ephraim Cohen, will be providing information on a regular basis. Additional information and resources can be found in our member's section. To join, please click here.

Ephraim Cohen is a public affairs consultant with Edelman Public Relations and is currently working with AT&T on their efforts to enter the local telephone service markets. Cohen previously worked on the Internet copyright debate, trade issues and agreements relating to product counterfeiting, and was the assistant editor at Business Week Magazine's Executive Programs division. Cohen has experience in online campaigning, coalition building, and has spoken before the media, on industry panels and foreign officials on a variety on policy issues relating to the Internet, computer technology, and intellectual property.

Some of the public policy areas that Ephriam will be covering:

  • -Balanced copyright law that protects the rights of copyright owners and copyright users.
  • -Privacy laws that overcome the governments fear of a world they can't break into.
  • -New policy understanding of hypertext linking that protects one of the basic technologies of the Internet.
  • -Local telecom competition and a deregulated competitive environment that will hasten the arrival of high speed, affordable Internet access into private homes.
  • -Censorship policy that focuses on user control and parental responsibility (read: no government sponsored censoship).

Additional resources can be found in our members section.