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The Web Design WOW Book
by Professor Elizabeth "Liz" Pollard

  If you've been assigned to do a Web site for your institution and need considerable guidance, here's one place to start. This handy compendium of reference information for Web designers and planners includes 3 "how-to" chapters and 7 more of case studies, with ample illustrations in full color. The case studies are grouped according to communications goals: marketing; entertainment; education and training; software application; publishing; portfolios and presentations; and sales. Topics like screen organization are provided with clear charts as visual aids, and color illustrations of the actual Web pages.

  A systematic overview of the production process in chapter 1 includes essentials like resources, planning, determining content, and shaping the project. A clear explanation of storyboarding the project will delight the hearts of those who aren't sure how to see the whole picture during the early stages, and excellent guidance is provided throughout the project to the final results. These first few chapters form a useful tutorial for beginners, while the case studies provide excellent examples of the best possible outcomes and explanation of what made them super!

  An appendix provides contact information for the firms who contributed projects for the case studies and Web site addresses. A CD-ROM is included in the back of the book which is crammed with useful software for both Macintosh and Windows platforms, shareware and freeware utilities, including gems for PC users such as GIF Construction Set. Full functioning demo versions of HTML editors and WYSIWYG editor programs are offered here for trial purposes, and full working versions of popular browsers and browser plugins as well!

  This is a necessity for beginners who need coaching through all the steps of designing a Web site and producing results with the final product. It is also an extremely handy reference source for more experienced Web enthusiasts and Web marketers. Perhaps even more important, this book is a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration for what works!

Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pages: 268
Date: 1998
Cost: $39.95

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