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Real World Scanning and Halftones
by Professor Elizabeth "Liz" Pollard

  "Everything you always wanted to know..." provides a good description of this useful book. Covering both Macintosh and Windows platforms, it starts with the basics of choosing an appropriate scanner and resolution and goes right through to the finished product. Four new chapters in this edition include color correction and management, images for the Web, color output, as distinct from offset color printing, and stochastic screening.

  The text is divided into three parts, the first on scanned images, the second on halftones, and the third on applications used, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Quark, PageMaker, and DeBabelizer. The language, while taking on the most technical subjects, guides the user through the process clearly. In addition, the illustrations are designed to make understanding the details simple. An excellent guide for beginners and pros alike!

Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pages: 268
Date: 1998
Cost: $29.95

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