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January 1998

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"We're Making History"

Communications Director
National Assoc. of Webmasters

"We're making history!" said one of the participants in the Training and Certification Summit Conference, a two-day meeting hosted by the National Association of Webmasters earlier this month in Lake Tahoe, CA. Leaders from several of the country's top educational institutions, software companies, and publishers were invited to review NAW's initiative for Webmaster training and certification.

Bill Cullifer, Executive Director of the Association, believes that one of the most important roles for NAW is to use its non-profit, vendor-neutral status to create and endorse standards of competency in the industry. By so doing, NAW serves its two principal constituencies: Practicing and aspiring Webmasters on the one hand, and the organizations that hire them on the other.

The Association recently conducted a nationwide study of human resources managers and Webmasters and discovered an urgent need for both standard Webmaster training and a certification credential. "HR managers need to be able to compare apples to apples," said Cullifer, "and its very hard to do when everyone calls themselves a "Webmaster" and the industry is evolving faster than anyone can track. Second, the Webmasters themselves want to be able to distinguish themselves from their competition. Webmasters also want their salaries to reflect their experience. Students that want to become Webmasters need a course of study that will lead to a credential. This Summit Conference was the first step in rolling out a program that will be accepted throughout the country.

The participants had expressed an interest in working with NAW on training and certification and all were in a position to make significant contributions to the long-term success of the initiative. Among the attendees were representatives from Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, Macmillan, Merrimack College, Stevens Institute of Technology, University of California, Berkeley, and Stanford University.

As a result of the Summit meeting and the work done prior to it by NAW, training programs with specific goals that were defined. Now we are taking the next steps. One of the most important of those steps involves you, the members of the National Association of Webmasters, and I would like to ask you to take a few minutes right now to complete a brief survey for us. It's not the first survey we've asked you to complete, and it won't be the last, but there probably won't be one that's more important for you, your colleagues, and those whom you will mentor, so please give a bit of your time to answer the questions below. Many thanks in advance!

The Webmaster Survey is at: