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Vol. 3  Issue 19
March 2001

The Monthly Newsletter for Web Professionals from the World Organization of Webmasters (WOW) 

Letter From the Editor

This month we focus our newsletter on the hot topic of  web marketing.  We've collected information on anticipating customer and client needs, effectively matching supply and demand and effectuating prices, promotions, services and ideas in order to satisfy the goals from individuals and organizations.  

Each month we'll continue to emphasize the various aspects of Web design.  For March, our Featured Articles section includes: How much should your PR contribute to your Web site? and 7 best practices for e-mail marketers. Two conducive and practical reports you won't want to miss.  Also, don't forget to check out the latest WOW news in Education, Chapter and Upcoming Events.  

The Latest from WOW Headquarters

WOW News

  • Education Alliance Partners
    WOW is pleased to announce this months newest education alliance partners
    Spectrum Computer Solutions 
    Interface Computer School 
    Sullivan County Community College

  • WOW News
    The World Organization of Webmasters announces the formation of the Judson College

    The World Organization of Webmasters announces the formation of its Detroit, Michigan chapter

    WOW and Baruch College Partner to Offer Web Professional Courses and Certification for New York City Teens

WOW is pleased to announce the Webmaster Catalog. A one-stop shop for all your hardware, software, and development needs.


Feature Articles

How much should your PR contribute to your Web site?

Answer: Five percent of weekly traffic and 4 percent of page views. That's what and agency Shandwick Interactive PR found after a 53-day beta measurement project to determine how PR and other traffic-driving tools affect Web site traffic. 
Full Story

7 best practices for e-mail marketers
Every day, direct marketers share information and buy and sell lists to provide relevant offers to consumers via snail mail marketing pitches. But the traditional rules of marketing change-legally and ethically-once organizations enter the world of e-mail marketing. That's the lesson the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) learned when it issued its first unsolicited e-mail to inform members of a recent value-added service in mid-May.
Full Story  

Macromedia’s UCON 2001
New York City, April 10-12
Macromedia UCON 2001 is your opportunity to interact and speak with the people who develop Macromedia products. UCON 2001 is also your chance to learn more about the industry innovations that can make your job easier!


Special Report

WOW's Top 10 Wed Marketing Picks

ISP joins PBS
Full Story
Get ready for IM spam!
Full Story  
The Online Advertising Report Card:
Builds Brands, Could Do Better

Full Story
Remember the Users Closest to Home
Full Story
Vertical Ubiquity
Full Story
Study Lays Out Plans for Successful E-Commerce
Full Story

Is France Ready to Embrace Email Marketing?
Full Story

The 'M' in M-Commerce Stands for Marketing
Full Story

Getting to "Yes"
Full Story
You Love Me, You Really Love Me!"
Survey Finds Ad Agencies Growing Interested In Streaming Media

Full Story


Member Profile

This Month's Member:
Shelly Cameron

1. What sort of training did you complete or are in the process of completing in order to become a Webmaster?
I have attended several conferences, as well as read, read, read. My formal training began with a web site consultant our City used, he trained me on some basic html and a few graphic tricks. Then in September 1999, University of Texas at Austin offered a six month Web Development and Design Certificate Program, I graduated with that certification in February of 2000. I am currently studying, and plan on taking my Certified Web Manager exam by the end of this year. 

Full Story


Quick Bits

Web ideas to increase your chance of marketing your service or product.

  • Reassure wary customers
    Tell people what you plan to do with names you collect for your database

  • Offer something free
    People love the idea of getting something for nothing

  • Qualify you customers
    Find out more about would-be customers - to sell more

  • Give customers a well drawn map
    anticipate the needs by putting an index on the start page where it's easy to find, and have links on every page back to the start page

  • Are you too long-winded?
    People tend to scan web pages, instead of reading them

  • Offer electronic gift certificates
    Take a leaf out of's book and offer electronic gift certificates

  • Add a toll-free number
    Always look for ways to reduce buyers' resistance. A toll-free number is one way

  • Accept payment in as many ways as possible
    Credit cards, cheques, bank transfer

  • Virtual Checks
    Virtual Checks is a low-cost way to enable you to receive payments online from almost anyone is to use

  • Accept checks/cheques by fax
    It makes sense to give people as many different payment options as possible


Want to Get Involved With WOW?

There are many ways to get involved with WOW.  
  • Is there a WOW chapter in your neighborhood?  Would you like to start one?  E-mail Joshua Blackford, WOW’s Membership Director at
  • We need instructors!  If you have web expertise and want to share your knowledge please contact us at:
  • We’re looking for Contributing Authors for the Feature Articles section.  Are you an expert in your field?  Is there something that you feel WOW members need to know about?  Send your story to
  • Mentors.  If you are interested in getting involved in our mentoring program to assist students online contact


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