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Accessibility: Web Multimedia
By Bruce Alexander
Accessibility Editor

This month I would like to speak briefly about multimedia & the World Wide Web. Multimedia is important to access, as it may be able to easily provide solutions to problems, which presently seem to exist. Mainly, audio & video subtitles can be added to sites.

If They Can Do IT
By Keith Paul
Higher Education Editor

Everybody has seen them. You can't miss them. They've even become some of the biggest ones out there. Hell, these were the beginning of it all. What am I blabbering on about? The collegiate Web site.

Law and the Webmaster: 1998 and 1999
By Ethan Katsh
Cyberlaw Editor

One of the best new legal resources on the Web is The Filter, the online newsletter of Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet and Society. For its first issue of 1999, the Filter's editor asked several people to identify "the single most profound event or decision in 1998 which will fundamentally change the landscape of Internet law and policy in the next millenium?

Place Your Bets on the 1999
Policy Wheel of Fortune

By Ephraim Cohen
Public Policy Editor

1998 was a year that may end up being the first year that Internet and IT policy was taken seriously (I don't count '96 and'97 due to the CDA circus). Tax issues and Y2K issues drove a decent portion of the policy debates and, in many ways, showed Congress is getting serious about legislation for the IT and Internet community in a productive manner (i.e., non-CDA-like manner).

The Future of XML
By Simon St. Laurent
XML Editor

1998 was a good year for XML, though hardly the triumph that some of us had hoped for. February saw the release of the XML 1.0 W3C Recommendation, and the W3C Recommendation for the Document Object Model (DOM) arrived in October. The foundation specifications are out - but applications have been very slow to appear.


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