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February 1st, 1999
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Bill Cullifer                                                                                              Joseph Dobzynski Sr.
Executive Director                                                                                 Director
The World Organization of Webmasters                                          The World Organization of Webmasters
Headquarters Office                                                                              Midwest Chapter
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Midwest Chapter of WOW Announced

Folsom, CA
Joseph Dobzynski Sr. has been named the Midwest chapter Director for the World Organization of Webmasters.

For the last two years, Mr. Dobzynski has been employed by Tenneco Automotive (USA) headquarted in Lake Forest, IL., providing them with internet administration and development as well as innovation in hardware, software and network support. During his career at Tenneco Automotive, Mr. Dobzynski became a certified Webmaster and continues to study web-related technologies and multimedia development. He participates as a advisor to Succotash Stew Inc. a internet marketing company along with the company's two other divisions Wild Pony Global, a multimedia development company, and Consumer Chef, an web-zine focused on consumers and professionals in the food and beverage industry.

Building on his experiences, Mr. Dobzynski has worked with many well known non-profit organizations, such as Share Our Strength, The Route 66 Federation, Chicago Symphony, and the American Culinary Federation's Chicago chapter. With innovated approach to multimedia marketing, he has help these organizations create new ideas for special events include internet concepts.

In making the announcement, Bill Cullifer, Executive Director said, "Joseph brings to WOW an excellent knowledge of the web industry as it is today. He understands and conveys the spirit of WOW’s chief mission statement, which includes the creation of professional standards, the communication among all webmasters from government, business and education, as well as providing for the education of present and future webmasters to help fill the current and future needs of the industry. We are very pleased to have him represent the Midwest in the association."

The World Organization of Webmasters is dedicated to the support and enhancement of the role of individuals and organizations who create, manage or market web sites as well as the education of future web developers.

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