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All meetings are held the third Wednesday of the month, beginning at 7 PM and continuing to 8:30 PM

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Nov. 17th Meeting
Guest Speaker: Chris Crawley, Think Innovative Media
Topic: Macromedia Products 

Macromedia is the leader in innovative ways of presenting content to the web. Using unique technologies they have been able to continue to stay in front of other companies with such products as Flash, Director, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Freehand, and Generator. 

Chris Crawley will demonstrate the newest products and upgrades, some being shown for the first time to our group. Think Innovative Media is one of the leaders in Macromedia training in the Midwest are and is located in Milwaukee. 

Santa Webmaster Comes To Town You better be good or Santa Webmaster won't leave you a stocking of web goodies. Our special meeting to toast the Millennium and begin the Christmas feeling, will feature stockings for all of our members, filled with assorted items to enjoy. Members will draw numbers from a hat and then get the stocking that matches that number. At this meeting you never know who might be the special guest or guests.

Board nominations and elections will also be held.

RSVP Required. Those who don't Santa won't be good to them.

Dec. 8th Meeting 

Due to the holiday season and y2k commitments this meeting will be a board meeting only. The new and old board will meet to handle the transition of the newly elected board members and discuss the new year's direction.

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