Greetings Fellow Webmaster,

This week has been a start of what could be a major move for webmasters in the Midwest. A working relationship has been established between WOW and Marquette University, Milwaukee, to work together to create the first Midwest Chapter of WOW.

Having the foundation in a major recognized university such as Marquette, brings prestige to our titles of Webmasters.

With the use of Marquette's Kenosha campus just across the border in Wisconsin, will allow WOW member's to begin establishing a presence's in the Midwest at a central location. Conveying from both Milwaukee as well as Chicago and all points between, with easy access to all members.

We are in the process of putting ? together a think tank meeting in late March at the Marquette Kenosha campus to discuss? ideas and goals for the Chapter. If you would like to participate in creating this chapter or would just like more information you may contact

Midwest Local:? ? or? International: ? .

This area on the WOW web site will post up to date information? as well as elected officials of? the Midwest Chapter starting in April of 1999. Until then, please review other areas of the WOW site.

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