Welcome to The World Organization of Webmasters Mentor Program.

The World Organization of Webmasters is a non-profit trade association dedicated to providing web professionals with the resources they need to do their jobs better.Although we're called "Webmasters," our members do all kinds of web-related work, including design, hosting, content creation and production, marketing and much more.

Our unique focus, in a nutshell, is education and training with the goal of raising the bar for standards and professionalism in our industry. One important initiative in this area is our mentoring program, which connects professional webmasters with student webmasters in grades K-12 and college. Not only will students learn from senior webmasters about some of the more technical aspects of building websites, they will also acquire improved research skills and will assist other students and even teachers in the use of the Internet in the classroom. As the students begin to develop their schools' internet strategies, they will have questions that the mentoring community can help to answer and they will be looking to professional webmasters for advice and recommendations. We would like you to participate in several ways:

  • We hope you will designate one or more of your technical people to be available to mentor students through e-mail (don't worry; we'll spread it around so no one company carries too big a burden);
  • We would like to post your summer and holiday intern opportunities on the WOW site;
  • We would like to extend to you a discounted membership in WOW. For more details on participating as a mentor, please click here.

If you will get involved in one or more of these ways, we will create a press release for your local paper, issued jointly by your company and the World Organization of Webmasters, which announces your involvement and highlights your commitment to student education.

This effort is all about helping schools bring the Internet into the classroom by empowering the people who are most interested and best able to do it: the students themselves. We hope you see the value for your organization and will help us make this effort work.

Drop me a mailnote at and let me know when would be a good time to call, or call me at (916) 929-6557. Let's talk about how you can participate.

Best Regards,

Bill Cullifer
Executive Director
The World Organization of Webmasters