A Welcome to the K12 Education Alliance Center

The World Organization of Webmasters is excited to announce our K12 Education Alliance program! The Alliance was created to help schools and teachers better meet their goals in teaching Webmastering and web publishing and to help student Webmasters obtain improved education and certification. If you're a web publisher, teach web publishing or Webmastering, or are involved in district or school web production, you should become a member of WOW's Education Alliance program. 

The World Organization of Webmasters is a professional trade organization with thousands of members and affiliates worldwide. Organized as a non-profit, WOW was created to enhance the role and position of those individuals who create, manage, maintain and market web sites on the Internet. 

There is a huge increase in demand for qualified Webmasters with the projected growth of web site addresses growing from about 5 million today to 25 million by the year 2002. Content developer demand will outpace that of the technical developer, with an estimated 8 million Webmasters needed by the end of year 2000. 

To help meet the needs of student Webmasters and their teachers, WOW has created the Certified Student Webmaster program to measure student proficiency. In addition, WOW's Certified Professional Webmaster program (CPW) provides a benchmark for measuring professional Webmasters' skills and comparing job candidates. If you teach web publishing or Webmastering you'll be glad to hear that WOW in collaboration with alliance partners, will provide (curriculum aligned with the certification. LINK to Webmaster school)

As a member of WOW¹s K12 Education Alliance you will receive products and services to help you and your school better execute your Webmaster course(s) and to keep pace with the rapid developments in the technical, business, legal and content areas of the industry. 

The World Organization of Webmasters looks forward to working with you to help better prepare Webmasters for their future. 


Bill Cullifer
Executive Director


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