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The Certified Professional Webmaster (CPW), Level 2 curriculum is designed to address those skills consistent with the evolving role of the Webmaster in an Internet/Intranet-dependent organization. Such organizations have seen the responsibilities of the Webmaster encompass some of those formerly associated with MIS, Marketing, and Public Affairs management. The Webmaster has become the manager/administrator of a complex staff of professionals providing the talents and skills necessary to support current Website development and hosting requirements.

CPW, Level 2 addresses the same skill sets as CPW, Level 1 in the areas of Web Business Management, Content Management, and Technical Support in greater detail. In addition, CPW, Level 2 emphasizes the necessity of a Webmaster to identify the issues surrounding an organizational Web presence, and to evaluate, recommend, implement, and support the necessary technical solutions.

Curricula that satisfy CPW, Level 2 requirements are currently under development at University Extension, University of California-Berkeley, and the Western Institute of Computer Science at Stanford University . WOW welcomes the opportunity to become involved with any other institutions that offer CPW, Level 2 instruction.