The National Association of Webmasters

Press Release

October 2, 1997

For immediate release


Bill Cullifer
Executive Director
National Association of Webmasters
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(916) 608-1597
Doralyn Jasmine Merced
The National Association of Webmasters
Northeast Georgia Chapter
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Northeast Georgia Chapter of NAW Announced

The National Association of Webmasters announces a Northeast Georgia chapter headed by Doralyn Jasmine Merced

Sacramento, CA  Doralyn Jasmine Merced has been named the Northeast Georgia chapter Director for the National Association of Webmasters.

For the last two years, Ms. Merced has been employed by Quebecor Printing (USA) Corp.’s New York Office, providing them with administrative, hardware, software and network support. During her career at Quebecor, Ms. Merced has independently studied web design, and web-related technologies, and has established Tintagel Internet Consulting, a graphic web design company.

Building on her experience with Microsoft Corporation’s KidsWebCamp, Ms. Merced is spearheading WOW’s online mentorship program for The Association of Student Webmasters, a WOW subsidiary for middle-school, high-school and college students with webmaster responsibilities. ASW will operate with student officers and maintain a web site designed by and for students, under the guidance of the parent Association. Like its parent, ASW will provide its members with powerful information resources and assistance related to building and maintaining a school or student-group presence on the Internet.

In making the announcement, Bill Cullifer, Executive Director said, "Jasmine brings to WOW an excellent knowledge of the web industry as it is today. She understands and conveys the spirit of WOW’s chief mission statement, which includes the creation of professional standards, the communication among all webmasters from government, business and education, as well as providing for the education of present and future webmasters to help fill the current and future needs of the industry. We are very pleased to have her represent Georgia in the association."

The National Association of Webmasters is an organization dedicated to the support and enhancement of the role of individuals and organizations who create, manage or market web sites as well as the education of future web developers.