Welcome to the WOW Survey Center

Since our inception in 1996, WOW in cooperation from leaders within industry, academia and businesses large and small, WOW has conducted a series of surveys to keep current with the demands for Web professionals worldwide. Today we are pleased to announce a collaborative effort with Fontys University of the Netherlands and the University of Connecticut. We would like to invite you to take a look and more importantly take a minute to get involved.

In the next year alone there will be a need for 50,000 webmasters and web developers in the Netherlands. It is crucial for the Dutch to develop curriculum to meet this demand. Fontys University of the Netherlands Faculty of Communications Research and Institute for Information Technology and Communications began collaborating with the University of Connecticut in 1998 to explore the future of global web communications.  The telecom deregulation issues and inadequate infrastructure that in the past have created a gap between the U.S. and European Internet growth will narrow by the year 2001. The researchers hope to define the skills necessary to support the development of business web sites in an increasingly global marketplace. A Ph.D. student, Patricia Grace-Farfaglia, from the University of Connecticut Communication Sciences program was hired to conduct a series of in-depth qualitative interviews with corporate webmasters. The interviewed organizations include: Ethan Allen, Inc.; Transitions Systems, Inc. (now Eclipsys, Corp.); Grolier, Inc.; Swift Interactive Technologies, Inc.; Courant.com (The Hartford Courant); Gerber Scientific; and Houghton-Mifflin. These interviews provided the basis for the development of a survey tool. The second phase of this project is an on-line survey of webmasters. The research team headed by Professors James Watt (UCONN), Ad Dekkers and Addy Ruts (Fontys) is joining with WOW to recruit web professionals who are best able to forecast web communications and commerce trends.

The survey is available at http://www.swiftinteractive.com/fontys.htm. Those responding to the survey will be eligible for a drawing of $500 worth of Adobe software. Survey results will be sent to participants via e-mail and will be featured in the WOW newsletter. The results will also be presented at conferences and published in a journal article. In addition, WOW would like you to take a minute to compete our own internal survey.

For those of you who want to employ webmasters and web professionals we would like you to take a minute to complete this survey so we can help businesses meet their employment needs.