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At WOW's January 1998 Webmaster Training and Certification Summit, leading Webmasters came together to help define Webmaster education and certification needs.   Experts from industry and education met to develop WOW's Certified Professional Webmaster program and to identify key job functions. This team recognized that with more that 53 million host computers connected to the Internet, the need for quality Webmaster education, services and support has exploded.  In the following months WOW, working with key industry, and education partners, developed the Education Alliance initiative to help bring education and industry efforts to Webmasters world wide.  The Alliance has produced multiple initiatives that will assist Webmasters.

Today we're excited to announce Webmaster University, a collaborative project of the World Organizations of Webmasters and industry, academic and non-profit partners.  Webmaster University was created to provide global access to quality education and Web-related curricula, resources, and assistance to a growing Web community that includes working Web professionals, students, and educators.  There are well over a million active Webmasters in the world today.  Webmaster University will help them get the information, education and support they need.

Webmaster University will provide one-stop shopping for all of the products and services Webmasters need.   This initiative will provide access to online, as well as traditional classroom and self-paced Webmaster and Internet education and training, resources for webmaster support including books, magazine links, listserves, forums, product reviews and tools and vendor specific as well as vendor neutral certification.

If you have a product or service to offer the Webmaster community, please contact us.  If you're already a Webmaster, please take our Webmaster Survey.

WOW and our partners recognize the need for high quality, effective, accessible products and services to help Webmasters improve their skills, knowledge and abilities.  The World Organization of Webmasters and its global partners welcomes you to a world of quality resources.