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The Webmaster's Guide to Vb Script
by James Edward Keogh, Jim Keogh
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Paperback, 254 pages
Published by Ap Professional
Publication date: October 1, 1996
Dimensions (in inches): 9.26 x 7.42 x .71
ISBN: 0127038752

Demonstrates how to apply VB Script to web page design with step-by-step instruction on major programming concepts and additional sections on HTML coding, converting Visual Basic to VB Script, and adding special effects. Original. (Intermediate).

Table of Contents
Ch. 1. Enhancing Your Web Page with VB Script
Ch. 2. HTML and Your Web Page
Ch. 3. VB Script, Literals, and Variables
Ch. 4. Express Yourself with Expressions, Operators, and Statements
Ch. 5. Create Procedures for Your Web Page Using VB Script
Ch. 6. Controlling the Flow of Your Web Page with VB Script
Ch. 7. VB Script and Arrays
Ch. 8. Strings Attached to Your Web Page
Ch. 9. Moving Data In and Out of Your Web Page
Ch. 10. Dates and Times
Ch. 11. VB Script and Objects
Ch. 12. Converting Visual Basic to VB Script
Ch. 13. The VB Script Quick Reference