Association Backgrounder

The purpose of The World Organization of Webmasters is to support and enhance the role of individuals and organizations who create, manage or market web sites. We support our members by providing webmaster certification as well as educational, technical, employment and member advantage services. We enhance our membership by providing a community where discussion and information exchange can operate freely in the context of mutual trust and benefit.

Strategic Initiatives
  • Foster membership prosperity through productivity;
  • Create technical innovation through standards setting;
  • Offer comprehensive certification program;
  • Provide distribution of timely and quality information;
  • Stay involved in the legislation process;
  • Promote diversity in the workplace;
  • Develop community relations apprenticeship programs;
  • Participate in research and development.

Membership in The World Organization of Webmasters is offered both to individuals who create, manage and market their own web sites, and to public- or private-sector employees who play a leading role in shaping their organizations' on-line strategy.

Webmasters who maintain contents on the Web are becoming mission-critical employees. The World Organization of Webmasters' served market is approaching 500,000 individuals today, double the number of webmasters estimated by Collaborative Marketing ( in their definitive "Webmaster Study" conducted in 1995 (the latest data available; Collaborative Marketing is currently conducting an update of this study and anticipates its publication in 1998). At the highest level of analysis, Webmasters fall into one of three groups:
  • Content developers who create content and adapt others' content for presentation on the web. In 1995, there were about 180,000 webmasters in this group.
  • Site managers who set up, maintain and support websites. There were about 55,000 webmasters in this group.
  • Programmers and developers who create web tools and special web functionality. There were about 15,000 in this group in 1995.

Collaborative Marketing found that, today, the issues of greatest concern to technical webmasters (primarily Group 3, programmers and site developers) are five:
  • Site complexity;
  • Multiple database connectivity;
  • Legacy system integration;
  • Development teams more than doubling in 1997 with an association increase in budget;
  • Almost all complex development teams will be using Java by the end of 1997. (See

Despite anticipated doubling of complex site development teams, as the tools available to Content Developers become more sophisticated and more robust, growth of the Content Developer segment is expected to significantly outpace the growth of the technical segment, beginning in 1998 and growing to an estimated 8 million webmasters by the end of 2000. (See

The primary issues that non-technical webmasters face have to do with site maintenance and administration, law, design, marketing and functionality:

  • geometric growth in electronic commerce;
  • security;
  • legal and liability issues;
  • electronic marketing methodologies;
  • a benefits model that offers services of strategic importance.

In summary, the Webmaster role is not only still being defined, it may be so diverse in its skill requirements that no one person can be expected to carry out all of its functions. Moreover, most webmasters (72.5%, according to a Web Week survey, November, 1995) are in their first webmaster position and 100% are self taught (Collaborative Research, November, 1995). It follows that the World Organization of Webmasters has much to offer this community, including help with development of standards and credentials.

Services and Benefits
  • World Organization of Webmasters members will have access to the Webmaster Seminars, Inc. On-line Training Facility and be able to attend monthly seminars on the latest in web site design, technical skills, certification for aspiring and practicing Webmasters, and other topics;
  • An on-line Members' Page offers reviews of current legal, security and marketing issues facing the electronic commerce industry;
  • An on-line technical support Help Line offers service and technical assistance via e-mail;
  • A Webmaster Employment Referral Service, marketed by the World Organization of Webmasters web site and industry trade publications, is planned to bring together Webmasters and companies in need of accredited candidates;
  • A monthly on-line Newsletter will provide up-to-date news on cool sites, techno-tips and World Organization news;
  • An annual Webmaster industry Trade Show is being assembled, at which members can learn about new product offerings and educational services from speakers, panels and networking;
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance at competitive rates will be offered to protect members and corporate assets in business on the net;
  • A Webmaster Visa Card will allow members to proudly display their occupational status while taking advantage of the purchasing power of a credit card with offers competitive rates and excellent customer service and marketing programs;
  • A Webmaster Advantage Program is planned to offer group discounts on air fares, rental cars, hotels, long-distance telephone rates, Sky-Tel pagers and more. The program will allow members to utilize their collective purchasing strengths to negotiate discounts on a variety of services.

The World Organization of Webmaster is in the start-up phase of its operations and its founders are well qualified professionals with proven track records in education, data processing, Internet consulting, telecommunications and marketing.


Bill Cullifer, Co-Founder, President, and Executive Director, has been in high-tech sales and marketing for 15 years, most recently as National Account Manager with AT&T. Bill earned a B.A. from California State University, Sacramento. Contact Bill at .

Steve Berry, the Association's Webmaster, has had five years of experience with computer networks, set up and maintains an ISP which hosts WOW, and is familiar with Microsoft, Novell, and UNIX networks. Contact Steve at .

Carolyn Grossman, Director of Communications, has worked in the computer industry for more than 20 years and on the Internet for the last four. In her consulting practice, Marketing Now, she creates strategies for winning in the electronic marketplace. Carolyn holds A.B. and MBA degrees from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She can be reached at .

Brad Gardner, Director.of Telecommunications, has worked in the telecommunications industry for 20 years with companies such as PacTel and AT&T. Brad holds a Masters degree from both Andrews University and a second Masters Degree from Loma Linda University. Contact Brad at:

Denise Wharton, the Association's Membership Director, has worked in the customer service field for 15 yrs. Denise holds B.A degree in Business Administration from Sacramento State University. She can be reached at: