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The Mission

The mission of the World Organization of Webmasters is to:

  • Foster professional standards
  • Provide for communication among all Webmasters, including corporate Webmasters in government, business, and education, independant Webmasters, and aspiring Webmasters such as students
  • Provide for education through the publishing of articles, professional papers, and the sponsoring of seminars and conferences
  • Stimulate the continued growth of the Web by providing a forum for the raising of new ideas and an effective mechanism for dialog on these issues.
  • Provide security, legal and marketing whitepapers as well as an area on the latest trends in the Internet on each of those items.

What is a Webmaster?

A Webmaster is a new job profession, and as such, is constantly in the process of being defined. There is a general agreement, however, that a Webmaster does one or more of the following duties: design, develop, market, implement, and maintain one or more sites on the Internet. This is in addition to other responsibilities such as legal and security issues that may come in to play. Webmaster responsibilities also may include Gopher Servers, Web Servers, List Servers, and Intranets.

The degree of technical skills needed by a Webmaster vary widely. In some cases the position requires the ability to such things as write HTML, implement firewalls, and write programming languages such as JAVA, PERL, or C. In other cases the Webmaster works at a general management level, and technical staff carry out responsibilities. One of the purposes of this association is to define the various types of Webmasters, and create a certification program for them.

The Vision

As the Internet evolves, the role of the Webmaster will evolve with it. The World Organization of Webmasters envisions itself as a community of common interest, where individuals can find common ground for communication and educations, regardless of their specific responsibilities or abilities. This organization will be open to anyone in the world who believes in our philosopy and sincerely desires to enhance their capabilities and that of the World Wide Web. It will be administered by its members in accordance with democratic principles.