The advance of the World Wide Web continues to amaze even the most optimistic forecasters. Large national and international trade shows continue to draw many tens of thousands of spectators. The number of registered domain names has shot past 4 million. Hundreds of new web sites are launched every minute, and electronic commerce is fast becoming a reality.

All this is providing for unprecedented opportunity and challenges for webmasters around the world. Opportunity because this growth is providing for job opportunities in all aspects of the web, from design and coding, to TCP/IP engineers. Web Managers are in high demand as corporations deploy Intranets, and the practice of Internet Law is exploding. From all this comes challenges, however. The rapid pace of change on the web means that continuing education is the norm, with new standards, new products, and new issues emerging almost daily.

The World Organization of Webmasters is dedicated to keeping up with this frenetic pace, providing education and advice in all key aspects of this new frontier. From the Domain Name Controversy to the Microsoft vs. Ticketron battle over linking, we watch the legal issues affecting webmasters. The critical question of "Who Owns Your Web Site?" is covered in our Members section.

Over the next few months it is expected that the major issues will be ones of law as illustrated above, and the continuing explosion of electronic commerce. The World Organization of Webmasters will be there to keep watch on this, and keep its members informed. It is going to be exciting. Hope you can join us.


Bill Cullifer
Executive Director


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Bill Cullifer

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