The National Association of Webmasters
Press Release

August 13, 1997

For immediate release

Bill Cullifer
Executive Director
National Association of Webmasters
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(916) 608-1597

The National Association of Webmasters and Net Guru Technologies Inc.

Train "Urban Entrepreneurs"

The Web Becomes an Urban Development Tool at Internet Expo


Sacramento, CA¾ August 13, 1997: In a joint announcement today, the National Association of Webmasters, a non-profit trade association, CitySoft, a for-profit Web development firm in its start up phase, and Net Guru Technologies, Inc., a for-profit Internet training and certification company which endorses and works with NAW, kicked off the first of their inner-city training programs to highlight their shared commitment to high-tech education and community service.

CitySoft identified two talented young people, Kelby Mendes from Boston and Nnamdi Nwosa from Brooklyn, and NAW and NGT will sponsor their all-day participation in a web certification program which will take place at DCI’s Internet Expo on Tuesday, August 13. Mendes, 22, is studying Environmental Engineering at night and was introduced to CitySoft by Mel King’s Tent City Computer Learning Center in Boston where CitySoft has been training him and others in HTML and website development. Nwosa, who is trying to start up as a sole proprietor from his home in Brooklyn, was introduced to CitySoft by the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship. CitySoft plans to support him by providing high-end technical support for his contracts.

"With this joint project with CitySoft and our formation of the Association of Student Webmasters in July, NAW is implementing its education agenda in powerful ways that will benefit several sectors of the economy," said Bill Cullifer, Executive Director of NAW. "CitySoft’s mission is to connect high-growth industry to low-income neighborhoods by hiring urban entrepreneurs to produce reasonably priced websites for its clients. NGT focuses on training and the deployment of standards through certification courses. NAW recognizes that, by their own admission, nearly 90% of all working webmasters are self-taught. So we have the opportunity to bring extraordinary value to the industry, its customers, and the community by creating a platform which fosters standards and enables webmasters to get trained. I hope NAW will continue to attract talented and public-service-oriented partners like CitySoft but, even now, there’s no end to the amount of good we can do together."

CitySoft employs and empowers young adults from low-income areas to become Internet professionals, entrepreneurs, and community builders. "Urban entrepreneurship means harnessing the tremendous energy and motivation of low-income neighborhoods and organizing it into productive activity," said Nick Gleason, co-founder of CitySoft. "CitySoft is building a culture that will maximize the entrepreneurial and problem-solving capabilities of employees, and prepare them for future challenges. Not only does the approach help CitySoft serve its customers efficiently and effectively, it helps employees improve their lives."

Uday Pabrai, Founder and President of Net Guru Technologies, will be on hand at Internet Expo to welcome Mr. Nwosa and Mr. Mendes to the on-site training and invite them to write about their experience for the NAW newsletter. NAW’s Bill Cullifer will also meet with all of the NGT students at Internet Expo to learn more about their needs for training and hear their suggestions for additional Association initiatives.

The National Association of Webmasters was founded in 1996 by professionals with proven track records in education, data-processing, Internet consulting, telecommunications and marketing. The purpose of the Association is to support and enhance the role of individuals and organizations who create, manage or market web sites. NAW provides webmaster certification in conjunction with Net Guru Technologies, Inc., its strategic training partner, as well as educational, technical, employment and member advantage services. The Association is located at 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, Suite 7-177, Folsom, CA, 95630. Contact them online at or by telephone at (916) 608-1597.

CitySoft was founded by Nick Gleason and Jim Picariello to empower urban entrepreneurs and serve customers in the Internet services industry. Recognizing that information technologies such as the World Wide Web will drive economic growth for the next generation, CitySoft employs residents of technologically isolated and lower-income communities and enables them to access the mainstream information economy. By partnering with skilled designers and programmers, CitySoft can offer its customers the full range of Web services while developing less experienced employees. Contact CitySoft online at